Welcome To The Laundry Helper!

Who We Are

Contact us today and let us take the load off!

With all the time it takes to run a household, it’s no wonder that the tedious task of laundry falls to the bottom of the priority list. So let us help you lighten your load and do the dirty work for you!

​At The Laundry Helper, we work with you to create a laundry plan that fits your unique needs. We offer a wide array of plans and prices. Who uses our services?

  • Busy families and professionals
  • New parents
  • Senior Citizens
  • College students
  • Vacationers and Visitors
  • Corporate clients

Now, you can spend time taking care of the more important things… or, just relaxing…you’ve earned it!

What We Do

Personal Laundry Service

You spend all week trying to balance work and home: kids, school, sports, cooking and cleaning. Do you really want to spend all weekend doing laundry?

Let us help you by providing:

  • Free front door pickup & delivery
  • Items neatly folded or hung
  • Quick, 48-hour turnaround
  • Preferred laundry products that you choose
  • Special services such as Gentle Wash, Air Dry, Stain Treatment, etc

Linen Rental

Your vacation should be just that… a vacation! So leave the laundry and linens to us!

Place your linen rental order with us and rest easy knowing that your bath, bed and kitchen linens will be delivered within 2 hours of your check in time. You will receive bedding and towels to make your stay comfortable and hassle free.

At the end of your stay, just put all of the linens in the blue laundry bag that we provide and leave them outside of your rental unit by 9am.

We use only high quality cotton linens, made in the USA. If you have a detergent or bleach sensitivity, just let us know and we will ensure that your rented linens are freshly washed in an allergy free detergent just before delivery. An additional fee of $5 per order will apply.