Our Services

Wash-Dry-Fold Laundry

  • Our service provides free pick-up and delivery and expert three-step cleaning to return all of your bulk laundry freshly washed and neatly presented

Priced by Weight

  • Your laundry will be weighed in person to determine the cost of your order. We charge a rate of $1.69 per pound.

Accommodating of Special Needs

  • All laundry is done in separate washes. Special attention is given to customers with newborn children and those with detergent allergies.

Pre-Paid Discount

  • Customers with a pre-paid monthly account will only be charged $1.59 per pound. Call and inquire about a subscription!

Pick up and drop off is always FREE

Stacking Towels

Our Promise

Time is valuable. Whether you’re a mother with a growing family to look after, a college student busy with coursework, or just someone who can’t find enough hours in the day to finish their To-Do List, we provide high quality laundry services that allow you to focus your energy on more important tasks.

Let us give you a helping hand